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To Gain More Focus – More Power – Optimise Your Mind and Train Your Self Talk To Achieve More In 2012
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The importance of positive thinking

Many of life’s challenges can be overcome simply by thinking and acting positively. A few lucky people can do this naturally. They were born to be positive thinkers, and it is not surprising that positive thinkers tend to be very successful – not only in business and their careers, but in life in general.

How do the rest of us learn how to become positive thinkers, and were do we start?

Positive thinking is a technique that can easily be learned – but it needs conscious effort and determination. For many people this is where the first hurdle lies… How to start a positive thinking and affirmation programme – and to keep it going!

In order to strive for life’s successes, you first need to be successful in developing and maintaining a programme for positive thinking and action.


Reaching your goals positively 
How do Affirmations contribute to this process?
 Set your goals – be positive

Positive affirmations – frequent statements that affirm positive beliefs and goals – are known to be highly effective in developing positive thinking.

A huge number of books, articles, journals and research papers have been written about the power of positive thinking, and if you’ve reached our website, you are probably aware of much of the literature and information that is out there.

So, we don’t think we need to convince you of the power of positive thinking.

You are here because you are looking for a highly effective way of training your mind to think and act positively.


 Climb steadily to the top
The Affirmation Ticker helps you overcome a major hurdle in your Positive Thinking Programme
Plan and prepare – with determination and affirmation

Constantly reminding yourself of positive actions and thoughts is key to the success in any Positive Thinking Development Programme.

The more you can re-affirm your objectives, goals and ideas, the greater the impact and positive influence they will have.

The challenge has always been to find a way to generate these constant reminders, yet not have to do it at the expense of everything else. Afterall, if you spend all your time writing down positive stuff (very good to do of course), then the less time you have to actually act on all of it.

You need the Affirmation Ticker – a nifty piece of software that helps you manage and control the highly important technique of constant and effective positive affirmation reminders.

 Positive Thinking gets you to the summit
  Celebrate your success – admire your achievements.
Are you getting the results YOU want?
Listen to what Dr. Tim Wright says about using The Affirmation Ticker 



To have a meainingful effect you should be using them at least 20 times a day


Running the software on its fast setting The Affirmation Ticker has the capability to input an average of 15 positive affirmations into your conscious and subconscious mind every minute, that’s 900 every hour, if you sit at your computer working for 3 hours every day that’s 2,700 per day, if you work from Monday to Friday not including weekends that’s 13,500 positive influences into your mind.






"Our minds become magnetized with the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds and these magnets attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts." Napoleon Hill 1883-1970, Author of Think and Grow Rich



The Affirmation Ticker by passes and overcomes the mental resistance

that comes along with affirming a new thought which makes them more effective

If like most people want to improve your life but find you are not getting anywhere fast – or find yourself spending hours and hours in front of your computer, you will benefit greatly by using The Affirmation Ticker. It is an absolutely unbelievable energy source for your thinking process and you could benefit from an enriched positive state of mind.   I created this product to improve and make better use of the time I spend in front of my computer.  After years of reading self help books and following success programs I noticed that in all of them, the use of positive daily affirmations is the key to training our minds to do the things needed to reach our goals. One important part of the process that I had always disregarded was that in order for them to be effective, you need to have the consistency factor to get any benefit from them, in other words, do them daily, as often as you can.   I already knew that to use positive affirmations is a very powerful success habit but I never seemed to get anywhere with them, I was always to busy to do them, I’d have yellow post it notes peppered around my monitor, audio affirmations files scattered across my desktop, sitting there as little guilt gremlins, as I was always to busy to take the time to listen to them. I even used to set the alarm on my phone to remind me but got into the habit of that being another negative gremlin that I went out of my way to avoid. I simply never found the time to do them. Feeling guilty for neglecting to use this tried and proven successful Affirmations phenomena, I came up with a way of doing them in-between pauses of thought while working, saving time and keeping my mind positive and alert. Since using this product it has exponentially changed my life by transforming my mind from a reactive negative mass of self-doubt to a highly energised, positive state of mind, sharply tuned and focused on my success path.   It works! It helps me achieve my goals daily. I specifically designed The Affirmation Ticker to communicate directly with your sub-conscious. It is an EFFECTIVE and EFFORTLESS way to do your daily affirmations. It keeps your self-talk fresh, positive and focused on whatever you instruct it to install into your mind, it by passes the minds conscious tendency to reject positive messages. Simple to install, you simply paste your affirmation phrases into the settings window once until you decide to change them and set it to boot up with your computer. It will energise your sub-conscious subliminally all the time you sit at your computer, you don’t even need to consciously make time to read them, your brain welcomes and digests them as your naturally inspired self guided influential thoughts.   Make sure you get your copy of this software, achieving goals becomes so much easier with a consistently positively optimised state of mind. As I am writing this for you, I can sense the hum of charged energy from the affirmations currently scrolling in my Affirmation Ticker on my laptop, pouring positive energy into my subconscious mind and I’m not spending time reading them, you’ve just got to get yourself one of these! p.s Everyone that has got this software, loves it! PEOPLE JUST LOVE IT,  they feel the value from the positive energy it gives them.


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